Favorite cabin does not emit self-destruction light properly

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Error report
Describe problem and what you saw You cannot see the red light when someone initiates a self-destruction when using Favorite cabin.
What you expected to see I expect to see the light clearly in order to do something, especially when the enemy is near me or under me.
Conditions in which error reproduce Have a favorite cabin self-destruct. Observe how it is almost impossible to see the red light.
Problem details

The light is basically too far in the back inside the cabin so the roof obstructs the light. Therefore you can only see the light if you level the camera low enough to see directly inside the driver's seat. Which is not the angle enemy players see most of the time. Other crafts have the red light right at the front window so you can see the light even if you put the camera all the way up.

Based on the video I captured I was initially going to report the light is missing altogether. In the log it's the last battle.

Frequency of reproduction always
Time of bug  

Video showing I never see the light:





2019.05.09 15.29.14.zip

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