adventure mode incorrect rewards

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here's a few things wrong with adventure mode:

Error report
Describe problem and what you saw incorrect resource and reputation rewards for adventure mode missions, especially "memory missions"
What you expected to see correct resource and reputation rewards
Conditions in which error reproduce use scanner and play a memory mission
Problem details see screenshots and explanation below them
Frequency of reproduction always
Time of bug  








and here's all that went wrong:

a) scrap reward: 17 instead of 22 (15*1,5, round down)

b) copper reward: 17 instead of 22 (15*1,5, round down)

c) casings reward: 27 instead of 37 (25*1,5, round down)

d) reputation reward: 4.912 instead of 20.400 (3.200 * 5 * 1,25 * 1,02) (base rep * energy boost * decor bonus * co-driver bonus)

e) reputation towards completing daily energy boost: 1.912 (a random 61% reduction occurred??) instead of 4.912 instead of 20.400

f) reputation towards faction (only checked engi this time): 412.641 - 407.729 = 4.912 (at least one number carried over...but it still should have been 20.400)


it would be nice if these bugs are fixed, preferably before adventure mode is expanded further.

best regards and have a great day

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