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I have had this idea for a while now, its nothing gamebreaking, but would add abit more to the clan mannagement.


1: add new roles

adding new roles to the clan, if you reqruit someone, you could set them in a role as "Cannonfodder", "Testificate", "Private" or anything.

this would allow to sort the clan much better


2: rename roles

atm we got leader, officer, members.

how about being able to rename such roles, like leader to "El Presidente", "Overlord", anything you can immagine, same goes for the other roles


3: Clan Info Improvement

right now,, everything is on one line, there is no "next line", ENTER button finishes the edit, it would be nice to have some sort of better info, like...

1: Discord Server: 1234asd (would be nice if the link could actualy be clickable, or copyable)
2: CW Times: info....
3: more info on this line
4: more junk on this line
5: dont be rude
6: etc

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Yeah, looks good.


I honestly think having the time table inside the game (maybe in a "tab" like Sasherz described) would be really nice. Make it the last tab and uneditable. One of the pinned messages for every single clan Discord I've been in has been a copy-paste pic of the CW time table.

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Agreed.  As a deputy in KJ, the more filters, notes that we can add to a member, the better.  Getting a good crew together for CW can be a challenge.  The more info we can add to help us get our stuff together, the better.  Please add tools to help.

Stoopid_noob :crazy:

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El Presidente


I like that idea... :D

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During clan wars the Clan page is often blank only can see the description of the clan , cannot see any members cannot leave

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Hi Folks,

If I may offer my 20c worth...
I'd like more functionality for clan leaders and deputies to be able to organise the clan members.
List of Items I'd like added.

  1. Clan Status for player profile.
    All players start the game with their clan status set to "Available".  Players can choose to set it to "Not Interested" at any time, if they are not in a clan.  Selecting 'Not Interested' will mark the player as not available for 'Invite to clan' messages.
    Once accepted into a clan, the full clan name is listed here.
    If the player has just left a clan, then it will show the remaining time left on their cool down period.
  2. Personal Messaging to clan members that are offline.  Clan leaders need a method to leave a message for any players that cannot be contacted in game.  This may be for important news, clan practice times, warnings, or even a note regarding why they have been kicked from the clan.  ATM there is no way to communicate with clan members within the game if they are not online.
    We need an internal mail system for clan members.
    Right click the clan members name to leave a message.  The next time that the player logs in they will be able to read the message.
  3. Affiliate clans.  
    Many clans have several clan groups, each with ~20 players. As such, it would be nice to have a way for Clan leaders to be able to trade / swap players within these clan groups without invoking a 3 day cool down. Affiliate clans can be set up by clan officers from the 'Tournament' screen by scrolling down to find the appropriate clan and right click to 'Nominate as Affiliate'.  This sends a "clan Affiliation request" (like a friend request) that must be accepted by an officer of the nominated clan.
    Affiliated clans are then listed at the bottom of the clan page.
    By nominating an Affiliated clan, leaders can trade / swap clan members with only a 1 day cool down.  Members may only swap clans once every 30 days.
    Affiliations can be cancelled by clan officers by clicking the [X] next to the clan name on the clan page.
    Changing Clan affiliations carries a 2 week cool down.  Ie - cannot nominate another affiliate until 2 weeks has passed.
  4. Player tags/notes.  Within the clan roster list, I would like a place to add tags next to players names to help identify what builds they might have or when their best play times are. eg:
    Stoopid_noob: <lance> <helios><harvy><weekends>
    Numbie: <porcupine><typhoon><cyclone><firebug><grenadier><friday nights only>
    Tags maybe edited by clan leaders, deputies or the individual player.
    This last point is pretty much the same thing as others have been asking for in this thread.

We need a few more tools to make team management less of a chore.

Thanks for reading.

Stoopid_noob :)


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^^I like the clan status suggestion in your post.


Everything else is stuff people handle outside the game, often on a website or discord server they created for the clan. I think most video games do that. If I was a Crossout dev, I wouldn't allocate time for something tools outside the game already do better.

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