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Excuse Me! Race Mode with Armed Vehicles

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This is a race mode where Vet Players get to use their advanced weapons. But you only get one weapon so choose carefully. The only weapons allowed are ones with a 3 radius or better attack area. These weapons fire slower. These weapons are more likely to wipe out multiple cars on someone's youtube video. So it looks better on social media factor.  You may use ramming structure but not melee weapons. In this mode blocking builds are allowed but you will get hammered by Mandrakes or Incinerators.If someone tries to play with invalid parts they will get a message saying Invalid weapon, too many weapons,  or no extra ammo or reloads. 

Additional Weapons - I could be talked into adding Sidekicks and Grenadier Drones. Since you are only allowed one of them they can only do so much. 

Hovers vs Wheels - This race may not favor hovers because its easy to unbalance a hover by only shooting one side of it. Multi-Wheel builds are better at taking damage and still moving. 

Waaaa I can't use my Spark, Reaper, MG13, Spike, Pantaloons, etc - Well too bad. Life is friggin unfair. Deal with it. 

"Excuse Me" is a polite replacement for another phrase an angry person may yell during this race. If it was me I would have a polite British gentlemen voice saying very polite things like "excuse me" when getting shot  or "Oh Dear" when you explode. 

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