Burning alive but still moving

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Sometimes, people can be burned by design or by accident. And enemies or characters on fire is really impressive.
And they create big impression, sometimes horror too. How can they bear the pain? How can they still chase us?
Even old games also knew the impression of bottomless malice. Pain and even death is nothing compared to that.

Enemy burning alive is really impressive. Burning at the beginning is also fine.
But boss still alive, attacking players while vehicle is burning by players' attack, is really horrifying. This will feel like this.
Serious damage and fire on the enemy vehicle will be turned into horror and expression of bottomless malice of the enemy.
(While burning, enemy must be faster, stronger and deadlier somehow. Reasonable reason is not important.)
Effect and directing like this is suit for important character like final boss.

Or what if, assistant does this? Showing noble self-abnegation. Burning alive but still moving to help the player.



And another.
Easy targets and victims are really really important. Put them as much (and properly) as possible.
While breaking through the enemies, there should be easy vulnerable targets which can be killed and removed very easily.
Destroying or blowing up something while rushing gives players excitement.
(And remove enemies that get left behind. They did their job already.)

When something or someone is killed by the attack, players feel it threatening.
So if there are victims like few friendly vehicles destroyed by bombardment (not harmful for player.) or sudden cannon shot, then chase will be more intense.
(Horror movies know and use this very well. They always prepare victims who die instead of protagonists.)
(Raid or adventure mission or any case. This kind of directing can be used everywhere. Just not use too much.)





And can we get some CK or unique wheel which burning all day?
I know something burning without any reason does not make any sense but it is really cool!

Furthermore, that kind of thing give us the feeling of apocalypse.


And one more. Please, put some mount points at bottom of the small plow.  Why does train plow have mount points at back and bottom, but small plow doesn't?


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Suggestion opened up to gather more feedback. :salute:

I can see something like this in PvE but im not sure about PvP


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