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[FUZE] Are now recruiting.

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We are currently a reliable top 60 clan, looking for a few experienced players to help us recover from a partial clan collapse.


What we can offer you:

Active community of players (eu/us)

Mentoring from an experienced and long-term top 10 core leadership group.

Opportunity to join one of the oldest and most respected clans in Crossout.

Active discord server containing some of the best and most experienced players in the game (friends of the clan)

Easy uranium farming while we rebuild. Short term target is to push back into a reliable top 30 position.


What you can offer us:

Willingness to be active in game and on discord, especially during CW times.

At least one strong build for current meta (typhoon/scorp/lance/hybrid melee) But ideally you will have several viable CW builds.

Important fuzed items, cabin/chameleon/radar/ammo etc.

Experience playing CW in uranium leagues.

Mature and positive attitude with a desire to progress and improve.


Our requirements can be slightly flexible for the right player.

For further information please don't hesitate to Dm Jellymix on discord or in game. (You can find me on XO official)

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My Informations are very detailed in my profile.


Here only the significant stuff in short:


  • Playing the game since June 2017
  • Played few month for "Lefthook"
  • some month for .....lets say another clan (dont know if they are hyped to get named here ^^)
  • after that i played half a year with "Clan GAZA" which is spread in all directions imo
  • atm in clan "FREUNDSCHAFT" but they.......want to play the game different......I want to use the complete clanwars-times or at least the times I can participate in which is unfortunately only rarely possible. Since I don't want to force my clan colleagues to give up their style I will probably leave the clan this cw-season.
  • storage worth around 115k in sellable items (448/450)
  • fused parts worth around 57-60k (cabs, some weapon-setups, some movement parts, some equipment)


To me personally:

  • I am 33 years old
  • Go work
  • I only play crossout. (seriously)
  • Have headset and microphone
  • I know how to use Discord, Teamspeak and the like and how to set them up in part
  • I live in germany (NRW)


Now to where i see a problem ....maybe


I work for a large auction house and have very different working hours every week, so I could sometimes only meet and participate in two Clanwars appointments.
If that is not a problem, I would be happy to receive an answer.



Have fun and good luck :good:


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Hello, myself and another friend wish to join your clan.  We are very experienced at gaming, we are quick learners and have the resources to get up to speed immediately.  If you need more information let us know and we will get back to you asap.



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