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The Redacted [KLIK]

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2 good guys starting our own clan. Previously Members of top 20 clan.

We are looking for people who want to take an active interest in building up a clan. We do not mind new players but we do have some minimum requirements to join.

Must have:
Purple weapons - 3 Executioners or Crickets, 2 Fatman or Whirlwinds  we don't care but you must have an efficient build.
Gas Gen
Purple Cab
9k build minimum

Suggested haves for Clan Wars
Fused Cab - to mass
Fused tracks, wheels or what ever - to Tonnage
Fused Engine - to mass
Apollo Generator
Legendary Weapons - 1 set of legendary is fine multiple is better
10k+ build

We have not started Clan Wars yet. We are eager to begin and work our way up. We currently have mid-long range builds.
We are pretty chill except when it comes to CW. CW is all business everything else is fun and games.

We don't tolerate Bu11 ****. Don't complain about how the game is unfair. Don't act like an 8 year old and pitch a fit because a match does not go your way.  (seriously I have heard grown a$$ adults pitch a fit like a raging 8 year old because things were "unfair")

We bust each others balls but vulgarity is out of place. Above all we acknowledge Honor, Duty, Loyalty and Respect

LASTLY If you Cannot handle your smoke it will be addressed. We are not a 420 clan. But we are not against Drinking and Smoking.

If you are up to the task please message Big_Tex_Ass for interview


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