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Platform PS4

Crossout 1.62 version


Error report
Describe problem and what you saw I am using dual scorpions at high PS with a neutrino, 
the problem is that when I am using neutrino at 100meters everything is fine, when I start to take distance from the 
target and I mean from 100 meters to 200 the yellow points which are modules, explosives, generators etc, 
the marks starting to leave the build, what I mean is that at 300 meters or closer when I am using scope the yellow marks are away from the targets build... 
When I hit the target build or the yellow marks, I make no damage at high distances... And I don't mean 2000meters, 
I mean 400 meters, I reinstalled the game, but nothing changed, I tried account to a different console and everything was fine, 
close mid long range was perfect with scope or without scope.. After that I made a clean format to my console because something maybe gets 
glitchy, I made the format, installed again crossout, and the problem is still there, I don't know what we can do, or how to fix this, thats why I made this topic.
What you expected to see yellow marks at the right potision
Conditions in which error reproduce everywhere, battle, raids, missions, test drive, clan battles
Problem details cant hit yellow marks because they leave the target area
Frequency of reproduction always
Time of bug not specified





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I'd love it if they fixed this bug as i myself do use scorpions and it is very frustrating not to have the neutrino perk working correctly.

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