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Yes, they form the basis of your car. You put a cabin on your craft and you can take it into battle.


Also this belongs in the Q&A, not the guide, if a moderator sees this, maybe move it.

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On 7/22/2019 at 5:38 AM, miranda5637 said:

Are alll cabins compatible with any car?

Not really. Each cabin is better at certain types of vehicles and styles and weapons. If you use a Carapace (slowest cabin in the game and only "tank" type) with Junkbows (shortest range shotguns in the game), you will have difficulty being able to get close enough to anyone to actually fight. If you use a Growl (very fast light cabin) with Goliath tracks and cannons, you won't be able to move at all because you will be too heavy.

You need to evaluate a cabin's stats:

Net tonnage: tonnage - cabin mass + wheels + engine. Up to max mass.
Net max mass: max mass - cabin mass + engine.
Power: + engine - wheels
Energy: + generator
Max Speed: + engine potentially hardcapped by wheels (tracks/hovers/grinders)
Durability: (perhaps least important main stat since you can add outside armor to increase durability quite easily)

There are also non-stat attributes:
Size: volume of cabin
Shape: doodads sticking out
Mounting points: placing items on the cabin prevents them from being removed without destroying the entire vehicle or the item itself the better/more mounting points the more options you have

Epic cabins have perks:
Perk: most perks aren't all that amazing. But some are extremely powerful to particular builds. So it's best to chose a cabin that suits that perk.

If you want a fast vehicle, more than half the cabins are excluded. If you want a vehicle that can carry a lot, likewise a lot of cabins are immediately excluded. If you want to mount wide weapons on top of the cabin, only a handful of cabins can accomplish that. So there are a lot of different options. Medium cabins offer a ton of flexibility and epic medium cabins are generally very good purchases that can allow you to build all sorts of things without having to use a unique cabin for each one.

One reason the Spider cabin is so expensive is because it ticks off a lot of the things above. It has high net tonnage, net mass, power. It has the maximum energy and high durability. It isn't very fast, but it's about as quick as heavy cabins and it is faster using ML Legs. It also has a fairly low size/volume, a great shape (basically a rectangle), and generous mounting points. But it is only able to be purchased in packs or the market.

For a long time, Quantum was the go-to cabin for nearly everything. It's fast, has max energy, good size/shape/mounting. And it has decent tonnage. If you want to buy an epic cabin that isn't too expensive and can be used on quite a lot of designs, Quantum is a good choice.

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