Steel Championship is a dumpster fire

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1. Points seem to be rewarded randomly among allied players rather than the player who scored the goal
2. The physics make no sense. Shooting the ball and it doesnt move and another player shoots the ball and it flies across the field
3. Players leave or afk often
4. Winning or losing doesn't determine your placement in the ladder. I can win and lose points or lose and win points
5. An allied car seems to have a significantly larger hitbox than an enemy car for harpooning. Significantly
6. Random jerking or turning of your car despite nothing hitting you or you touching those controls happens often
7. Watched players turn on each other, harpooning and ramming every other game

8. Gun/harpoon does not track correctly with the aiming reticle

9. You seem to be mysteriously pulled toward the walls if you go near them

Fix this garbage so I can get the last paint but at least this gamemode is better than Rocket League

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1 It isn't based on score but on the rrank difference. If you lose against people ranked lower than you, you lose lots of points and they win lots of points

2 The physics make no sense in that game. Also... The crossbow should have more recoil than impulse to make sense.

3 If you never leave or afk or throw games, your team has less chances to get an afk or leaver than the enemy team

4 Huh? If you're losing points when you win it's a bug.

5 It's probably true for all weapons. Making a nice fusion with good angles of fire is hard for example.

6 The cars are poorly designed, with pretty much the wrong type of wheels, in the wrong configuration, with boosters placed too high. Everybody gets the same tho.

7 It's brit soccer, not brasilian futebol. There's no referee, so feel free to ram and harpoon too (even your allies if that's the best option)

8 Huh? The thing has a rotation spee like any turret, but you gotta go really fast to be annoyed by that.

9 ?

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Well, to be fair, the physics in this game make no sense in general.

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Set allied harpooning to off. You wont get harpooned again by mistake

They should implement a minimum point gain per win, id recommend 5 then use current system beyond that if you win or lose to someone way higher in tier

They shoukd make it so getting first place is a goal a unique one of a kind prize thats not obtainable until steel championship is back again that way people woukdnt sit on 2k points and stop pkaying. Those ppints need to remain in circulation espescially on console



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