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[Update] [PS4] Crossout 1.67 Hotfix

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After recent statistics analysis, we’ve decided to extend weekly limit on scrap metal you may earn in battles. Starting from now:

  • Weekly limit on scrap metal is 4500 pcs.
  • Active premium subscription extends this limit by 50%.

Moreover, in this update we’ve also:

  • Fixed a bug with interface and sound effects disappearing right after entering game modes.
  • Fixed incorrect collision models of some parts with and without CKs.
  • Fixed the issue with long PvP matchmaking queues.
  • Fixed the issue with settings being restored to default after re-launching the game/console.

Update 16.08.19

Fixed a bug with being able to switch co-driver while standing in a queue, that could lead to incorrect work of the matchmaking system.


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Guest Yoder023

If you would have fixed the game a year ago and stopped making the grind so crippling I bet people would have kept playing....


But hey, keep pushing your ads out, I'm sure word hasn't gotten around with how bad the grind is

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1. Čo ste urobili s ,, bot "? Bezhlavo sa rozbehlo a nechceš mať oslabený tím, že aj ty bezhlavo útočiť. Kde je potom taktika?!

2. Pilot pred hurikánom, alebo bonus!

3. Načo nová mapa je raz za štyri hodiny?! Dať hráčom možnosť hlasovať, ktorú mapu chcieť hrať. 

Edited by mariokonusik

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