SW4T (top20) is recruiting

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Brothers In Arms (SW4T), a top20 clan is looking for new members to join in!


What can we offer for you:


  • A friendly community in the upper ends of CW (some people consider us the nicest guys in top20)
  • Opportunity to learn some high level tactics to beat some of the best players in this game
  • An influx of awful dad jokes (courtesy of me)


What we ask of you.


  • Previous experience in top40 CW (the higher you've been, the better)
  • Good understanding of the CW meta (Hover, Spider, Melee, blah blah, Typhoon, Pulsar Scorp, Harvester blah blah) and at least one build ready for that
  • English language skills, our players are a mixture of EU, US and Latin America players
  • Preferably age of 18 or older
  • working microphone and willingness to use Discord
  • not a requirement per se but with the things being the way they are, owning at least a single Typhoon or willingness to get one will probably make your life much easier (unless you're super into playing melee)


Contact me via PM in forums @Spedemix or in Discord PM Spedemix#0174 or Alsayf#3957.

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We got few guys in and so the recruitment is closed or now. Thanks for everyone interested. For now we'd only make an exception if a really skilled melee player would want to join our ranks.

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