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The clan is closed down it was a bad clan anyway:D

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The focus for the clan is 110% on clan wars = uranium and a lot of it:p: but beyond that we try to build a chilled place where there are always some to play with in PvP or raids etc, without too many rules. 

Right now we are mostly looking for players who can play clan matches at least a couple of times during the week and have at least 1 build ready for clan wars so that we can play throughout the week, and also be sure we can always make a team or maybe 2


  • English language
  • Minimum one clan wars build 10000+PS (if you are close and very active we can probably figure something out)
  • Discord and Mic
  • 18 years old but if you behave like an adult, it might be ok:5739e92736a0e_):
  • Legendary weapons or working on getting it
  • Need to be active at least a couple of times during the week when clan wars is up (evening and weekend clan wars sessions):gunner: 

No rules regarding the use of discord except when playing clan wars. 

If you are interested then get on our discord channel:

Leave a message here or find clan and apply in-game

The clan needs you:salute:

By the way if you are not interested in clan wars matches but only PvE and PvP for various reasons and just missing someone to play with then join our discord everyone is welcome:secret:

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