Sprinter Cab has no suicide light

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Just posting this like this, let me know if it need to be changed for a bug report?

I noticed the Sprinter cab has no suicide light when i was playing Bedlam checked with other players in game, no one saw it. (see bug Sprinter1.png)
Gave it a shot in PvP just to see if it was a bug in Bedlam only, still no light (bug Sprinter2.png)

bug Sprinter2.png


bug Sprinter1.png


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There is one, it's just located basically on the driver's seat, making it totally invisible unless you look from upside.

3 hours ago, forc3dinduction said:

how does something like this go past internal tests

But I kinda agree with this, ESPECIALLY since the last pack cab had the exact same problem reported by Spedemix.

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