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Following the reception of Spede's ML guide, I've decided to make one for augers. This will ignore modifiers.

Note: this primary concerns auger vehicles with more than one pair of Meat Grinders. Vehicles with a single pair will function slightly differently.

Part 1: Before We Begin...An Overview

Meat Grinders have 2 parts that counter-rotate, generating multiple velocity vectors that combine to make one, which the vehicle travels in. This is why if you hold both forward/backward and strafe, then release one, you lose a bunch of speed.

Their 3.5 Tonnage/mass ratio and high stats make them good for super-heavy durability bricks. Their 35% power draw puts them between Hardened and Armored tracks. They travel faster than Armored and Goliath tracks, and Legs.

Part 2: From Rest

NEVER PIVOT ON AUGERS. It is extremely time-inefficient, and you will be destroyed.

If you hit forward/backwards and turn at the same time, The acceleration is slower than normal. I recommend building up some speed forward/backward first, then hitting turn.

Edit 1: Ladean posted some useful multi-key combos for better turning from rest.

Part 3: Strafing

If you strafe left, you can turn clockwise but not counterclockwise. The opposite is true with strafing right. A conventionally built vehicle can circle-strafe around an enemy in front, but not an enemy behind (terrain strangeness aside, that is).

Part 4: Diagonal Movement

Hitting and Holding strafe and a forward/backward at the same time results in pretty much 45 degree movement. Turning the vehicle then releasing the turn button leaves the remaining movement closer to a strafe, but still diagonal. I often drive diagonally when I go around corners so that I have non-rotating guns pointed at the enemy (if there is one) as I become visible to them, saving a second of aiming or so.

Holding forward/backward first, then a strafe, causes the diagonal movement to be mostly forward. Holding them in the opposite order causes the movement to be closer to strafe.

Strafe, then forward/backward, then turn causes the forward/backward to have little effect. Forward/backward, then strafe, then turn causes a diagonal circle-strafe. Forward/backward, turn, then strafe is similar, but transitions into diagonal slower.

These can be used to transition from forward/backward to diagonal movement (not exactly, but close) without coming to a stop. This is useful for "jousting".

Part 5: Wedges

Augers will get wedged by purpose-built vehicles, from the sides and front. The damage they can deal, especially multiple of them, especially when they hit top-mounted weapons, can serve as retaliation, but getting off is hard. Just never let go of mobility controls, and you'll fall off eventually.

Augers can, however, wedge wheels and tracks. If the wheels or tracks travel forwards into them, and you strafe into the enemy, they can be wedged up. I occasionally abuse this in Steel Cradle to get the boss pinned to a wall sideways, but it is inconsistent and not guaranteed to work.

Part 6: "Jousting"

"Jousting" is what I call the tactic of driving diagonally into an enemy and hitting them with the Augers. The damage they deal isn't the main focus here. Their wedging is. Horizontal Harvesters tend to be mounted above the augers height. This means that, if you strafe or diagonal drive into them, hitting their harvester may lift them off the ground a little, giving a foothold for further wedging. Diagonal drive can deflect the melee enemy, while just strafe is useful for pushing it into a wall to allow allies to take shots at it. But, the harvester will contact the main body of your build, so this will cause some damage, even if only temporarily.

Part 7: Kapkan

Augers hard-counter kapkan mines. You can just drive right over them (useful for that one mission in Adventure with dodging the Mandrake shots while crossing a minefield). Mounting them on legs sometimes works, depending on terrain. If you see an enemy Kapkan mine or turret, just drive over the thing. It'll do your team a favor. Ramming wheel drones, however, is not a guaranteed destruction because it may simply deflect off, not be totally destroyed from ram damage, and drive away, avoiding the damage from the perk.

Part 8: Ledges

You don't really need to do anything special. Just avoid strafing off them, because the trailing side may get snagged as the leading side goes off, flipping your vehicle as you fall.

Part 9: Mountaineering

Meat Grinders have a lot of contact on their sides. Strafing into a wall will cause you to partially climb up that wall. Terrain too harsh for wheels can be surmounted with augers (or you might fail and spin like a top, because the nature of their 2-part construction makes complex movement unpredictable on bad terrain).

If I left something out or made a mistake, please let me know so I can make the appropriate addition or correction.

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As a land-ship main that uses grinders, I can say this guide is true, however to turn when at rest you need simply push "DWQ" to go the right when at rest or "AWE" to go left when at rest, same can be done backwards "QSD" or ESA" needs to be pushed.

If you wish for a less sharp response or you just wish to turn on the spot faster simply push  "AE" or DQ" to turn, your build if you have your grinders long ways will turn at the rear of your build and your front will remain still.

You can combine this as your moving to make some fast and aggressive plays.

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Also if you get rushed from the front by a harv/wedge you reverse, strafe and turn in the opposite direction of your strafe and you will throw them off. Grinders are probably the best part for high maneuverability due to the grip and control they have, movements are very sudden and very compact builds can be achieved. They are so weak though for their size and are unresponsive sometimes. I have an absolute blast playing my dual tsu 8k grinder. 

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