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He held the line.


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Here lies Sir Vermont, Knight of the second order, leader of the 11th Defense Division of the northern LAD-CO ice lands, At the battle of mount Kilo he ordered his Gigagate around when the 11th Division was routing after heavy Steppenwolf mandrake fire took out two gigagates within one minute of the Steppenwolf assault, All 15 of Vermonts crew were lost including his own life in the Defense of the LAD-CO convoy, Each man on bored fought to there last for a hole hour, when the ammo was all used up the Steppenwolf commander order for the Gigagates capture, however the Crew on bored began to fire out of the holes left by tsunamis with there 50.cal pistols. After another hour the Steppenwolf commander ordered for the beast to be put down. Even after the engine blew and the generator exploded making the Gigagate a sitting duck the last men on bored still fought till they all died to cannon fire. When the Steppenwolf commander went aboard the Gigagate he found Vermont still alive holding on to a picture of his wife though mortally wounded, when the Steppenwolf commander asked why they didn't just surrender Vermont replied pridefully "Sir, I wanted to see my family again and come home as a hero, though with that dream now gone and I see I'm soundly beaten all I have left to say isVermont coughed up blood then finished "Good fight


The Steppenwolf commander more then impressed with Vermont,  found the banner of LAD-CO then welded it to the top hatch of the Gigagate as a sign of honor and respect for the now dead hero.

Now five years later the sight is still there to this day, however mother nature is slowly returning Vermont and his crew along with the Gigagate to a peaceful ending 



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