F45T : Rush the best, forget the rest.

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Clan F45T is looking for new blood. We do rush tactics, we attack first. We are mainly interested in doing clan wars.
We're an active bunch with somewhat wicked sense of humor. If you enjoy doing fast matches, you'll find a home here.
We're looking for:
1. Mature active people from the european timezone. GMT -3 to GMT +3. Check the picture. In green square are marked the times we do clan war, check if it fits your availability schedule.
2. English and discord are mandatory, you don't need to have a microphone or be an active talker, we only coordinate attacks during clan wars. Although, some humor is appreciated to alleviate stress during the match :)
3. Need to have at least 1 clan war build. Examples: Harv + spark + lances/skinner, hover helios + aegis, cyclone/porcupine + spider + kapkan, reaper + spider + kapkan, tsunami/typhoon/ + hover builds. Etc. No executioners or any low tier epic builds.

You can contact me in this thread, in game Nickname "Zanbou" or through our discord server (Just write us up in "welcome" tab and we'll answer)

Happy grinding.


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