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Hermes / Tusk / Harpoon Montage

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So its been a while since i did a video for any game but i was inspired when i seen some other amazing creations showcased on youtube.  Was using awful free software which crashed after about 3 hours work and corrupted the save.  So i threw it together quite quick in the end out of frustration.  Im using what i initially described as awful royalty free music, but i gotta says it growing on me.  Talking about the 2nd and 3rd song.  The first, Hall of the Mountain King, is pretty damn awesome.  Didnt want youtube to mute it, thats why i went royalty free.   It's comprised of about a month of footage, playing solo with with teamwork showcased when possible.  Hard to show teamwork as i preferred to keep each clip to 10s and some of my better plays with team span several minutes.  If you guys like it, I would consider making more.  I really enjoyed the editing process and would love to put more time into it, if i thought it would actually have an audience.  Made it a month ago but forums wouldnt let me post it til i linked my accounts.

Warning!, it's 10 minutes long.  I like many of you also suffer from a short attention span.  If you can stomach it, try make it to the 5 minute mark at least. 


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