Screen-spave reflections get enabled in the Live server when I enable them in Test Server

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Error report
Describe problem and what you saw Screen-space Reflections (SSR) which get enabled in live server when I enable them from Test server.
What you expected to see No SSR on live server until the game gets updated
Conditions in which error reproduce 1. Have both Live Server and Test Server installed in your hard drive
2. Launch test server and enable "Water reflections"
3. Log in to your account in live server and observe how SSR is enabled in live server
Problem details In test server it is enough if you just launch it and go to settings without logging in. You can turn Water reflections on and off there and it will affect live server version too.

So far this hasn't caused any issues, the reflections look and function the same in both versions.

I'm not sure if it needs any fixing now (if there are any issues, I'll just turn them off, I don't need to log in to the test server). However I thought I'd let you know both versions seem to share some settings and maybe it might cause some problems later down the line.

There are three sets of logs: One where I log in to live server and take a screenshot with SSR off, one where I log in to Test server and turn on Water Reflections and one where I log back to live server to take another screenshot with reflections on.

Each screenshot shows game version.
Frequency of reproduction always
Time of bug  


0.10.70 SSR off.jpg

0.10.80 SSR on.jpg

0.10.70 SSR on.jpg


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Thanks for notifying.

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