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Changing region setting does not work correctly while in a group.

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Changing region setting does not work correctly while in a group.

I remind that the server a group connects to only depends on the group leader's region setting.

Here is the method which always produces this bug .

1. Make a group with a certain region setting. (preferably check "Restrict battles to this region")
I did it with Asia region this time.



2. Do one or more battles without changing region setting (In this cases, we do one easy raid)

We get Asia server as expected.

This process is a must to reproduce this bug.


3. Change the region setting to other regions

I changed my region setting to Australia region and got into queue.

I expected that we connect to Australia server but we connected to Asia server instead.


Next, I changed my server setting to Russia region but we connected to Asia again.




Leaving a group is needed to changed region setting applies.


I attached game.log with this post.

We reproduced this bug in the last three battles. (First with Asia server setting, second with Australia setting and last with Russia setting)

Great thanks to Ultravine for helping to reproduce this bug.


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