Questions to the developers, September - November 2019

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This thread is designed to collect questions from players and post responses from developers. A selection of answers to the most interesting and relevant questions will be published as soon as it is ready (the nearest one is expected around the 30th of January).

We read all the questions, but we cannot promise that we will answer everything. 

  • Most questions can be answered by searching. Please do not ignore this option and before asking a question, be sure to check what was written on the forum about this. Perhaps a whole developer blog was devoted to your question.
  • It is extremely likely that within the framework of this format we will not announce the content of future updates or discuss previously raised topics. All plans are announced in developer blogs.
  • Even if you did not see your question in the list of answers, it does not mean that it was ignored. Each question is taken into account and discussed by the developers.

Otherwise: clearly formulate the thought and try to ask substantial questions: 

  • If your question is not a question, but a suggestion, please post it in the appropriate section.
  • Bug reports are posted in a special section.
  • The question should be asked a respectful, correct and understandable English language.
  • Economic issues are not commented.
  • Question spam (both within one post or several) is prohibited.
  • Do not forget that you can also ask questions you are interested in on Twitter, ny putting @Crossout_Eng before the question.

Good luck!

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Survivors! Let us share with you the digest of your questions and our answers!

Question: What is the fate of the new mode with repairs? And do you plan to introduce repairs in all modes?

Answer: Good afternoon. Repair is a feature of the “Experiment” mode. So far, we have no plans to add this mechanic to regular PvP missions or raids.

Question: When will you update the Mammoth model? The current physical model is much larger than the visible model. I made a bug report about this, but got the answer that “This is not a bug, but a feature”

Answer: Hello. At the moment we are working on updating the physical models of many large guns. Among them: Mammoth, Scorpion, Retcher, etc. As soon as the models are ready, we will include them in the next update and mention this in the changelog.

Question: What can you say about contests at the exhibition? The victorious crafts leave much to be desired, and during the voting stage there was a lot of junk like blueprints.

Answer: Good afternoon. The first Clash of engineers was a test. Based on its results, we have identified several unrefined mechanics and are working to improve them. With the next update, we plan to improve the entry moderation options. No more "New blueprints" :)

Question: Good evening! I have several questions: 1) What with the DPS of “Wasps”, isn't it too high for its rarity and its PS? 2) What do you think about the dominance of explosive damage in general? Personally, my subjective opinion is that it is not very interesting to get hit by a volley from 2 executioners at the start of the battle, lose half the craft and go back to the garage. 3) And what do you think of the current state of invisibility modules? Aren't they too strong at the moment? Maybe it's time to introduce a means of countering invisibility?

Answer: Hello! 1. There are no problems with the DPS of the “Wasp”. The rather high damage of course rockets is compensated by the extremely low durability of the weapon and the limited firing angles. Yes, the “Wasp” can be “hidden”, but even this does not always save it from enemy projectiles or precision shooting with machine guns. 2. In this case, you need to look for ways to bypass enemies with cannons, use fast crafts that can maneuver, or an invisibility module. Also, do not neglect the environment that you can use to hide, force the enemy to shoot and, when they're reloading, get closer. 3. The game already has a module to counter the “Chameleon”. This is the “Oculus” radar. It marks the area where the invisible enemies are located on the map when they approach you at a certain distance.

Question: Good afternoon! Question: When will factors such as time difference for regions be taken into account in clan wars? The game has many players not from the MSK time zone. And a decent number of players have to choose either healthy sleep or playing clan wars. For example, +5 MSK (Irkutsk region) — the only adequate days of playing CW are Monday, Saturday and Sunday.

Answer: Hello! We created the CW schedule taking into account different time zones. As a result, for any time zone in the game there will be convenient and inconvenient windows and their number is approximately equal. For example: the windows convenient for your area (from 14:00 to 18:00 MSK) include the middle of the working day in the MSK time zone.

Question: Hello. Why am I constantly losing in missions? (like 10 times in a row and constantly). Why am I playing with opponents and teammates that are absolutely superior to me? And if I am such a “bad player”, then there are 7 more people in the team, but losses are constant and in huge numbers. Maybe I don’t know something? Then tell me. Or is there absolutely no BALANCE in Crossout?

Answer: Hello! There is no mechanic in the game that would sort the players by skill and intentionally create “strong” and “weak” teams. In normal missions, players are selected only by the PS of their armoured vehicles. In your case, I would advise you to evaluate your craft, find its weaknesses and, if possible, get rid of them. Try to also evaluate which armoured vehicles of the enemies cause you the most problems and focus on counteracting them. Experiment more with build mode and be sure to find your “favourite” armoured car that will lead you to victory :)

Question: Good afternoon. Recently I decided to return to the game after a certain time of absence and found that a lot of good parts are missing on my account. Please explain, where did they go? I'm particularly interested in the packs I'd bought, which also disappeared. Where did it all go?

Answer: Hello. Please contact technical support and describe the whole situation. Employees will check the history of your account and if it is confirmed that the parts have been stolen and the account has been hacked, they will try to help you.

Question: why are rapid-fire machine guns crafted on the Engineer workbench, and not on the Steppenwolfs workbench? According to its description and design, rapid-fire is a Wolf technology. This seems unfair in relation to other fractions: Firestarters have branded single-shot shotguns, Dawn's Children have plasma emitters, and Steppenwolfs have no branded guns. Have you thought about moving rapid-fire machine guns to Wolf workbenches?

Answer: Hello. This is mostly a convention. The fact is that all rapid-fire machine guns are made using shells from the “Adventure”. And all the parts that are made from shells and other resources are on the relic workbench of the Engineers faction. Thus, the player can easily find all the parts that can use the shells, and he does not have to scroll through the workbenches of all fractions in the hope of finding something else.

Question (two similar ones combined): Hello. Can we play with a friend, taking into account the fact that I have a PC, and he has a PS4? How do I transfer an account from a PC to the Xbox One console?

Answer: Hello! No, Crossout does not support cross-platform play. Transferring accounts from the console to PC (or vice versa) is also not possible.

Question: Hello! I've got several questions: 1. Tell me, did the “relic containers” remain in the game and should they be expected in the future in any event? 2. I noticed that after the update 0.10.70 the Typhoon's projectile momentum has increased significantly, my craft of 12 tons can sometimes flip when hit by this gun. Will there be changes? 3. there are a lot of rumours about a relic harvester, any comments? 4. When are we gonna get more content?:)))))

Answer: Good afternoon! 1. Yes, but there are very few of them. We do not plan to return any methods for their crafting / drops. 2. We did not make any changes to Typhoon in the 0.10.70 update. 3. No comment at the moment, except that a relic “melee” weapon is not planned yet. 4. When the next update comes out.

Question: Good day. Don't you think that some of the weapon upgrades are simply useless, and specifically because of these upgrades, the players are afraid of upgrading modules and weapons? I’ll give an example: “all shotguns without recoil, machine guns without recoil, grenade launchers without recoil, Incinerator without recoil, and so on” how can this upgrade come in handy in battle? in fact, this upgrade is a waste of time and money for most guns. One could justify this upgrade for cannons, mandrake and reaper. And yet there are still better options.

Answer: Hello! Some gun upgrades may actually be more attractive to most players. The fact that shotguns and machine guns do not have recoil is not true. But it can be noticeable only on light crafts or crafts with hovers. In the future, we would like to either rework the mechanics of the upgrades themselves, or to review a number of gun upgrades and replace them with more useful ones. When the change plan is ready, we will share the information in a developer blog.

Question: Tell me whether it is planned to introduce farming ore in the raid in the future, cause there's some kind of elitism — only for CW players

Answer: Hello! We do not plan to change / add methods for obtaining uranium ore. It still remains a resource that can only be obtained in clan wars or acquired from other players in the market.

Question (several similar ones are combined): Hello, dear developers. Do you plan to introduce parts that cannot be obtained at the moment into crafts or new paid packs, for example, parts from packs Frostburn, Tramp, etc.?

Answer: Hello! No, we do not plan to introduce these parts into crafts. The only way to get them is still acquiring them on the market. We have not discussed the issue of adding these parts to future new packs, but, apparently, it is worth considering and discussing such an opportunity :)

Question: Hello!Are you going to make changes for the legendary weapon “Retcher”?The weapon is very good, but in PvP mode it is impossible to play since the weapon model is big and its durability is low. Will you add durability to this weapon?

Answer: Good afternoon! We plan revisions for the Retcher, but most likely they will not affect its durability. First of all, we plan to change its visual and physical models. At the moment, the main problem of the Retcher is the large model, which, together with its relatively low durability, makes the grenade launcher an unnecessarily fragile weapon. It is very likely that the launcher's model change will not make it into the next update, but it will be presented in one of the following updates. More accurate information will be published as new models become available.

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Survivors! Let us share with you the digest of your questions and our answers!

Question: Hello, are you planning car frames that are one block tall and wide? They could increase the interior space of the craft by saving on the size of the frame... for example, half of the heavy frames, with a length of 4, 6 and 8 blocks

Answer: Hello! No, we do not plan to add such frames yet. We think that the current minimum frame width of 2 blocks is enough. Even narrower frames no longer look like what could have been a solid foundation for armoured vehicles in the Crossout world.

Question: Hello. When are you going to start selling CK for weapons, that were already in containers and are now in the storage of many players?

Answer: Hello! There is no exact date when any methods of obtaining CK for weapons will return to the game. But we remember about this wish from the players and we are thinking of options.

Question: why does the bastion cabin have additional resistance only in the front part while the Cerberus cabin is fully protected? Wouldn't it be more logical to give the Cerberus a resist only to the front of the cabin, where the auger is located?

Answer: Hello! Because Cerberus is a cabin meant for contact with the enemy and dealing damage with the help of a drill. It seems logical to us that the cabin for dealing melee damage should be less susceptible to it. The Bastion cabin does not have such a task. According to the idea, this is a heavy cabin, which should be full of parts, and the impressive shovel acts as additional protection. Yes, it also deals melee damage, but this is how all shovels in the game work.

Question: Hello, so here we go: 1) Will voice acting be added to the Adventure? Are there any plans to improve this mode besides the main story? Work on simulating life for example and additional quests planned? Are you going fix the same quests or collection of boxes throughout the map? 2) Is there going to be PS-based balance in clan battles? 3) Do you plan to expand the storage limit and the limit of structural parts in the future? 4) Are you going to add interactive elements to the new maps, like water the factory? Some local dust storms, “ionic” storms or “dead zones” disconnecting modules in a certain radius on a map, heating an armoured car from a burning environment on a map? 5) Will proper work be done on skyboxes and celestial bodies in particular (the sun looks awful)? Will there be some semblance of weather in the game?

Answer: Good afternoon! 1) We do not plan to add voice acting. In the near future, we also do not plan major improvements to the mode, as the resources are aimed at something new and no less interesting. We hope that soon we will be able to share the first details. 2) No, the selection of teams in CW takes place only according to the rating of the clan. We do not plan to add PS matchmaking. 3. Would you like to increase the maximum possible storage capacity (700?). If so, we will discuss this possibility. And please specify what is meant by the limit of structural parts. Their total amount in the game or a limit of 80 parts per vehicle? The total number of structural parts is gradually increasing. We are not planning to expand the limit of 80 parts yet since this is directly related to the stable operation of game servers. 4.5) Adding any aggressive environment (such as the acid lake from the Factory) to new maps is possible. We are also discussing visual weather conditions that would not affect the gameplay, but add atmospheric effects to what is happening on the battlefield.

Question: Dear developers! Please answer this question: why do you rely not on players who control their weapons, but on those who use AI? Why introduce new drones into the game instead of getting rid of them? I don’t understand the trend when a player stupidly unloading drones stomps over all the others...Please explain what it is for? Fights from 8 to 10 PS are simply drone fields! If you want to feel normal in Crossout, get goliath tracks and three grenadiers. Indeed, in this way you push away real players from the game...You say that the players will always be there...Those for whom artificial intelligence does all the work. Why did you cling to these drones so much, and drive us away? I would continue to play this game but... I haven't got strength and nerves to endure this dronearchy...

Answer: Hello! We strive to ensure that every player in Crossout can find a weapon to his taste, suitable for his playing style. We do not treat AI-controlled weapons differently. According to statistics, drones and turrets are not the most effective weapons, and players are very good at dealing with them. In order to more efficiently deal with drones, look into weapons that you can shoot in short precision bursts. We, in turn, will again evaluate the effectiveness of the Grenadiers.

Question: Why not improve the Adventure map and introduce 15-30 players who can attack each other if they wish, the ability to control the mining zones on the map (fuel, metal, copper). By default, all are neutral, except for bots on the map. Introduce powerful leviathans with a retinue in special random zones. 2-3 per map. Invisible enemies that can ambush you. Traps (mines, turrets)? Thanks in advance for the answer.

Answer: Hello! The introduction of PvP battles for 15-30 people at the moment is not possible for several reasons: 1) The “Adventure” mode was originally conceived as a story-oriented one. New players can gradually master in the game world, and experienced survivors will learn more about the lore. Uncontrolled PvP can negatively affect the experience and make story quests impossible. 2) Technical limitations. Each part of an armoured car in Crossout is a separate physical object with its own parameters, which are calculated on the servers. The presence of 30 players on the big map at the same time on their armoured vehicles of 80 parts is hardly possible.

Question: Why when I launch the leviathan and after 24 hours I come and see that he played only 1-5 fights. Why is that?

Answer: Hello! The number of battles played by the leviathan depends on the PS of your leviathan and the most common total indicator of the PS of the players who participated in the Invasion. The matchmaking system always tries to choose leviathans in such a way that they are as balanced as possible with respect to the players. Do not forget that many players send their leviathans into battles every day, and they can compete with yours for getting into battle with suitable players.

Question: Developers, what can you say about crafting blues? Or rather white parts for crafting blues. Getting tired of crafting a bunch of white parts one at a time. Make it so that you can craft several at once, and if not, at least replace some of the white parts with extra scrap metal. White parts are only crafted from scrap. As a result, it makes no difference to you, but it’s more convenient for us and it means fewer clicks.

Answer: Hello! We are aware of the wishes of the players to facilitate the crafting of “rare” parts and are considering possible solutions, including your option with the replacement. Note that the addition of the ability to craft several parts is associated with the alteration of the current interface. And it can take a long time. Therefore, in the upcoming updates you should not expect such an opportunity.

Question: One question — when are the knechte coming?

Answer: Hello! The knechte are scheduled for November. First, the game will host an event dedicated to Halloween.

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Survivors! Let us share with you the digest of your questions and our answers!

Question: Dear developers! Why is the balance so bad that in the mission “Get the wires” I get 1 victory and 20 defeats????? Just 7 victories after playing for a week, is this normal in your opinion????

Answer: Hello! In all PvP missions, allies and opponents are selected according to the PS of armoured vehicles and depending on their level of reputation with the “Engineers” faction. For all other parameters, the choice is random. The system does not select players according to theoretical “game skills”. Try experimenting with the craft and its power score.

Question: Good afternoon, do you plan to introduce a restriction on the use of radars? Or at least fix their physical model, because it’s not a secret to anyone that radars are now actively used to absorb damage, like the decor used to be, primarily because of the huge physical model.

Answer: Good afternoon! We are already discussing and working on several possible solutions. The situation is somewhat different from decor, which serves only as an ornament, so it takes time to work on the changes and internal tests. As usual, when the changes are ready, we first plan to give everyone a chance to test the planned changes on the test server and then release them to the live servers.

Question: Good day! Do you plan to introduce odd frames? Sometimes 4 is not enough, but 6 is a lot.

Answer: Hello! We do not plan to introduce “odd” frames, but we are considering the possibility of adding frames with a width of 1 pin (build mode cube). If they are added, then you can make an “odd” frame yourself.

Question: Hello. Is it possible in the future to see moving structural elements on which it will be possible to mount parts? New leg options? An option to connect frames not in 1 plane?

Answer: Good afternoon! For now, we do not plan to add such structural parts to the game or introduce the possibility of fixing frames in different planes. As for the legs, then everything is possible :)

Question: I have only 1 question: when will the game be further optimized for weak PCs because even with what we now have, even if everything is set to the minimum in some places (on the map) or when shooting, the FPS will still drop.

Answer: Hello! If your PC configuration meets the minimum system requirements, but you are experiencing problems with FPS, please file a bug report in this section. System requirements can be found here. We are doing our best to optimize the game for as many PC configurations as possible and introduced the “Compatibility with legacy GPUs in graphics settings. Try enabling it if your PC does not meet the minimum system requirements.

Question: When will Linux distributions be supported and will it even exist? Maybe you should have said something like: “We lied, there will be no support for Linux distributions!” instead of writing an excuse every year that you do not have it in development plans so far?

Answer: Hello. There is no need to talk about any deception. “Not in development plans” means exactly that the current plans do not include a client for Linux, and no work is being done in this direction.

Question: Hello. Do you plan to introduce a relic generator into the game? and should we expect it at all?

Answer: Good afternoon! No, for now, we do not plan relic hardware. There is only 1 legendary generator in the game so far, and if a decision is made to add new ones, then we will first think about filling this rarity.

Question: Hello to the developers! You recently announced that there will be some limited offers on workbenches for the New Year. Can you spoil any specific details except the emergency lights? Well, at least one decor or paint?

Answer: Hello! Yes, during the New Year's event, we plan to add items to the list of the New Year's workbench that can be crafted only for a limited time. And from the decor, for example, the formidable “Duckinator” is planned.

Do not forget that we also answered some of the urgent and frequent questions in our last developer blog. You may check it out here.

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