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Band Of Brothers(WW2 & WW1) Now Recruiting!

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Band Of Brothers is looking for active players both new and old, we are now consistently making it to 300 points(silver rating) and over. We are focusing on getting our rating up, and keeping our members happy with uranium from clan wars! We recently made a second clan mainly focused on learning clan wars instead of dropping inexperienced players right in, dont feel bad if you were moved to ww1! 


We are looking for players that are/have:

1. Discord and Mic

2. A clan wars ready build!

3. Available during the clan war times(For North America! EST Central And other similar time zones), continued failures to addend clan wars without notice are unacceptable!

4. We don't care how old you are! Age does not = skill.

Please join our discord if you are considering joining WW2/WW1!~

Good Luck and Have Fun!

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