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I played the game for a long time and one thing that frustrated me was that if you'd drive over different terrain, a gun like the Tsunami wouldn't be stable - it'd lose its accuracy and you'd need for it to aim again. I have 2 ideas that I think would be a really neat addition to the game.

1) Long tracks

If you've been to the exhibition you might've seen people build longer, wider tanks with more small tracks (lunatic parts) on each side. The advantages of such a tank are that it goes faster, but when steering it loses a lot of its manueverability (it turns slower, neutral steering is bad). Moreover, they can't use less tracks on such tanks because they might have lots of equipment that otherwise wouldn't fit in the tank.


I think a great addition would be long tracks with bigger wheels.

Such tracks can be seen on Russian tanks such as T-55, T-64, T-72, T-80

Image result for t-55 -a picture of a T-55, with the "long tracks with bigger wheels" that I'm suggesting

I thought about the statistics of these tracks and I'll tell you my opinion.

Longer tracks - 

Rarity EPIC

Length; 24 cells

Width; 2 cells

Mass: 1900 kg

Health; 1400

Tonnage; +3800 kg

Power; -75%

Maximum speed: 60 km/h

Suspension; torsion bar (torsion bar suspension does not get harder the further you push it, while suspensions with springs do (that's "proggresive spring rate"))

Suspension travel; 0.5 cells down - 2 cells up (suspension travel is how far down/up the suspension can go)



I use the tsunami, which is a decent cannon, but it has its flaws. One of them is that if you drive over rough terrain (hills) the cannon will have to aim again to line up the shot. I have an idea to counter this.

The stabilized cannon. - You have a crosshair that points where the gun is going to aim, and another crosshair that tells where the gun currently is. If those two are aligned, the gun's elevation and depression (up/down) speed becomes 45° per second. It's only 45° because stabilizers have their limits. This will help players who have cannons and go through terrain such as this:


Notice how the suspension is going up and down, as well as how rough the terrain is. If I pass over this terrain the tsunami won't keep aiming at the same spot and I'll have to wait for it to line up.

So this is my idea for the stabilized gun


The gun of the Leopard 2A7;



PS - 2500

Damage - 400-500

Reload time - 8.5 seconds

Range - 800 meters

Accuracy - 85%

Max ammo - 8 pieces

Durability - 700 points

Energy drain - 7 points

Mass - 2100 kg

Special perk - has a gun stabilizer (if both crosshairs are aligned, elevation and depression speeds turn to 45° per second. This would give the gun a vertical stabilization effect. Of course the stabilizer has its limits so I think 45° per second is fair.

Gun elevation - 25°

Gun depression ; -15°

Vertical aiming speed - 10° per second - 45°/sec if the gun is stabilized (vertical aiming speed is how fast the gun goes up/down)

Horizontal rotation speed - 22° 30' per second (Horizontal aiming speed is how fast the gun goes left/right)

360° rotation - Yes



That's all I have to say, I hope you read this, I hope you'll let the players decide if they want it, and I sure hope it gets introduced into the game!




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I forgot to mention the gun was legendary
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