My General Thoughts and Feedback, Also: Power Scores & Rarity Types

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This is my first post on the forum, though I have been playing Crossout for the better part of two years at this point. It's nice to see a few people on here that I have previously been in games with and that the game has an active community. With that introduction out of the way, let's get to the point, I'm primarily just going to be discussing the new update in this post.

First of all, I want to start with some positive notes regarding the latest patch:

Encounter: Excellent decision on the update, I really like the best of 5 method of capturing the central base now, a huge improvement over the previous method, now it actually feels worthwhile going straight for the center. 

Chemical Plant: New maps are always welcome, this one is an excellent edition and adds some nice new variety. You should consider releasing a map editor and holding a map making competition or something, I would love to try my hand at making some Crossout maps. The more maps, the more replayability the game has. 

The Experiment: Last thing I was expecting to be added to the core game, but it's a welcome addition non-the-less, it's nice to have a little bit more variety and some other game modes. My only gripe with it at this point in time is that the reward is scrap metal as opposed to something unique to the other modes, perhaps something like copper or common parts or something else just to give you an incentive to play it over the other mission types. Or at the least, give it a weekly challenge similar to the other modes where you get badges as a reward for completing so many.

So those are the three things I wanted to comment on first of all as they are probably the most noteworthy changes that are of interest to myself, now I want to address some problems:

The biggest issue that has always needed addressing in this game is the fact that people can enter low power score games with relic, legendary and epic weaponry/equipment. I noticed in the patch notes that an attempt has been made to resolve this, but after a few games today it's quite obvious that more work needs to be done. Occasionally I play games between the 1000-2000 power score margin as I enjoy the fast pace of low power score games as opposed to constantly player higher tier games. In these games I solely use Chords or Lupra Shotguns, two vectors at most in terms of power score, but today I have seen people in 1000-2000 power score games with relic and epic weaponry (see attached image). This should not be allowed to happen, not just because it's annoying and unfair, but because it is a surefire way to make new Crossout players rage-quit, leave a negative "Pay2Win" review and uninstall. The worst is that I have seen people with the relic mine-layer weaponry in these same tier games, how on earth that has been allowed to happen is beyond me, but it needs addressing and fixing as soon as possible. I have seen people rage-quit games for this exact reason and it's a bloody shame. If this was my also experience when I first started playing, I probably wouldn't be playing today. 


The sooner this gets fixed in some way or form, the better. It's nice to see that the developers have made some steps towards fixing this problem, but as you can see, it still persists.

Another thing I would like to ask, which I'm sure many others have already, is when can we expect to see the Chase Raid return? It was easily my favorite raid and the most efficient, pretty much the only one I wanted to play cause it was actually enjoyable. It's no secret that people typically do not enjoy playing raids because of how monotonous and long winded some of them are (frontier defense, the absolute worst), Chase broke up the monotony by being something completely unique from the others and being nice and fast. I remember seeing a while ago it was removed due-to a bug, but I find it incredibly hard to believe that it still has not been fixed at this point when, in the meantime, you have managed to implement a feature like the repair function in The Experiment.

Something that has bothered me for a while now is also how pointless the prestige levels are. They go all the way up to 100 per faction, but you don't get anything out of it (aside from the first level with some factions), so what's the point in reputation gain after a certain point? Can we at least get some engineer badges each level up or something?

Finally, I would like to see reports actually making some kind of an impact when you go through the effort of making them. This week I have had several toxic players intentionally blocking me and driving into me for the whole duration of a round for seemingly no reason at all other than them being a jackass for the sake of it. Reporting them feels pointless, blacklisting them is also pointless because you still end up with them on your team in future games, so what is the point? I don't want to play with people that ruin the experience.


Anyway, those are my general thoughts on things as of this moment. It's really nice to see that the developers still care about the game and are putting some effort into it, but please, focus more on fixing the obvious flaws. Thanks.


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