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Phoenix doesn't list damage type

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9 hours ago, dukerustfield said:

All weapons should list the damage type(s) in the parameters of the weapon.

Why do you think this?

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It's important we know what dmg a weapon does because some items have damage resistance. Also listed under parameters.

It's very likely Blast damage after a pause. But the after pause should be listed for weapons too. We shouldn't have to comb through combat.log to see it.


All have after pause effects. We understand launching a drone doesn't DIRECTLY do blast damage. But the Grenadier itself does. And Sidekicks do gun damage. There's nothing wrong or confusing with showing that.

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If i remember correctly the spike used to be listed as bullet damage.   I think that no description is better than calling the bolt a bullet. 

Phoenix would likely fit best as explosive since the bolt itself does no damage. 

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6 hours ago, Skula1975 said:

We gonna to think about it


There are going to be numerous sets of player types in Crossout. Or any game. But at the core, this is a BUILDER game. This is computer LEGOs. And every LEGO set has instructions, whether you want to follow them or not. If players want to play set Avatars and compete in that space, there are a ton of games that do that. And, frankly, they will do them better than Crossout ever can. Because by opening the hood and letting players mess around with every fundamental, you are never going to be as balanced as games that have 10 parameters to balance and nothing else. We have "cars" that can fly--for a little while. We have cars that drive backwards. I just made this dumb thing yesterday on a goof and I was surprised how well it did.

To that end, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND having a place where players can, if they so desire, be able to see every damn stat in the game. I know DEVS get queasy about that, but I've been gaming a long time and having thousands of players be able to comb through the .lua files for reference, helps us help you balance the game. AND it allows the player community to create tremendous tools and websites that further promote the game.

Stuff like this on Overwatch:


Here is a quote from Dawn of War game in 2005. I found mention of me doing what I always do. Testing stuff. We had full access to lua files in that game and we found typos and bugs that fundamentally changed how the game worked. Like we found out that one walker had a bug in it's battlecannon. Think of it like a support weapon like Incinerator in Crossout. The walker was designed to...walk up to stuff and kill it. But because of the typo in it's gun, it did 10 TIMES the damage it should. So you would try and force the walker to stay away from the enemy and keep shooting. It would be like if we noticed a Sidekick, when it got ran into by an enemy, did 1000x more damage than actually shooting at people. So you'd drive as close as possible to deploy them, hoping the enemy runs over them and dies:

8.1 Dreadnought vs. Killa Kan

There's been a lot of talk on the Relic forums about which of these walker
units would win when pit against each other. DukeRustfield and PrisonerofIce
did some tests ingame, and released a replay of their test game.

Watching the replay provided disproves the Kan's superiority completely.

At first glance, the Kan would seem to be superior to the Dreadnought. While
only having 3700 HP unupgraded, its melee damage range is 584-716 as opposed to
the Dreadnought's 324-396. Wrong. The Dread has a twin fist that attacks every
.75 seconds, so the real damage the Dread does in CC is around 567-693. The
potential damage the Kan can do is STILL greater than that, but here's what
screws the Kan over: the Kan's accuracy sucks. The Kan's Buzza Saw has an
accuracy of 0.600; that means there's a 40% chance the Kan's attack will miss
completely. Both the Dreadnought's CCW's have an accuracy of 0.650, which isn't
much better. However, as mentioned before, the Dreadnought has TWO weapons. In
the event one CCW misses, there's still a chance the other one will connect.

The Killa Kan does not have a chance when unupgraded. Without its armor
upgrades or rokkits, the Dread will trash the Kan with ~1000 HP to spare.
Rather unfair, considering the Kan comes later in the game and is painfully

Lots of players will never care about stats. They want to make goofy stuff and fun stuff. But this isn't a Secret Society. Players promote the game and (some) players want as much data as possible. You see it all over the place. Unbelievably detailed Battlefield gun statistics showing spray patterns. That stuff is great. If you don't want to see it, there's nothing forcing a player to look at it. But if we want to get access to it, we have to reverse engineer the game or do absurdly complicated testing.

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