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[Panorama] “Chemical plant” map panorama

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Never before have the squads of the Lunatics and Firestarters ventured so far east. No one knows for sure what made them go on this adventure, but some survivors claim that the real purpose of the raid was recon. According to them, before continuing their campaign to the east, factions from the west wanted to know how good the defense of the Steppenwolfs and their allies was.

A large squad of armoured vehicles travelled almost to the very heart of the Scavengers' land in the Valley. The raiders' lucky ticket was a large camp, which suffered a daring attack. Arranging a fire show in the middle of the night was pretty easy for Firestarters, and while they were busy creating a diversion, a group of Lunatics managed to escape with valuable loot on their caravan: ammunition, spare parts and fuel.

Scar AB sent everyone available to chase them. The raiders were overtaken at the Chemical Plant, where they made a stop. Scavengers responded to the unexpected raid with their own sudden attack: a night shelling destroyed the caravan and the camp around it. The remaining forces of the Lunatics and Firestarters were enough to launch a counterattack and force the Scavengers to retreat. However, the guests from the west had to flee too: they had neither the resources nor the time to repair the transport and take the lott.

The caravan remained in the center of the plant and now attracts everyone who loves easy money. But it's not that simple: the geography of the plant is such that, in order to safely take loot from there, you need to control most of the territory of the complex.

Let's consider the “Chemical Plant” in more detail:


The map is zoned by roads that remained at the factory. Wide and open driveways provide a good overview and lines of sight for some sections of the map. Numerous factory buildings serve as shelters and provide ample space for maneuvering armoured vehicles focused on melee range.

Three main points are located on the map — the railway station, the place of the convoy explosion and the “treatment facilities/chemical workshop”

The key point is located in the center of the map where the explosion occurred. It is framed by a characteristic crater, which not only adds atmosphere, but also allows you to use it as a shelter. The wreckage of the convoy covers the crater from shelling in places.

In the middle of the map, at the intersection of two roads, you can get a good view of most of the map. From this position, you can track the movement of opponents and limit the freedom of their maneuvers using long-range weapons.

The remaining two points are located near the starting positions of the teams. In these areas, there is enough shelter and room for maneuver for fast armoured vehicles.

Heavy vehicles can immediately try to capture the central base, and fast cars can capture the nearest point and then get closer to the battlefield or get to the farthest point and capture it.


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