[News] Last chance to purchase the “Wasteland Warrior” pack!

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It's no accident the Lost are called what they're called — when changes go far enough, many of them lose their memory and social skills. But they become excellent fighters and mechanics and get the passion for travel. They are always on the move: as if they are looking for something, following the signals known only to them.

Aleph first heard the call, when an iridescent blue pattern appeared on his wrist. Then he started building a car with the parts scavenged on the battlefield with his own hands and called it Bloodhound. And by the time his eyes began to glow in the dark, he rode it into the Wasteland. 

The unique armoured car "Bloodhound" is armed with two powerful "Sledgehammer" shotguns.

Also, the armoured car comes with select cans of paint "Dark Red" and "Template: Scorched Earth", as well as a unique character portrait "Aleph"

We remind you that the armoured car is available in an exclusive pack "Wasteland Warrior” until October 10 only on Steam.


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