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That's a weird bot...

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On 10/8/2019 at 8:02 PM, DominusPericulum said:


Adventure mode has lots of little surprises. Like this Scorpion-bot.

If you see an unusual bot in adventure mode, post it here!

I remember encountering him and  I was just like LOL wut??

Too bad there aren't more similar nasty surprises in Adventure.

I'd like to see things like a sudden and unexpected raid of a dozen nasty Firestarters, or a big bulky 10-legged Steppenwolf Leviathan with several cannons, or a formation of Dawn's Children skimming through the sand. Where you can choose to either evade or engage them.

Or what would also be neat is maybe finding other things in the trash when you search it, stuff like individual coupons, electronics, some plastic, at least ONCE in a while... and occasionally, maybe even a common or even rare item... or instead, one of those old crates we haven't been getting any more... one of them IS, after all, called "FOUND IN THE WASTELAND" amirite?


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