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For months I have had problems with the sound in the game not working.  It used to be about 5-10% of the time  the game would load and there 

Error report
Describe problem and what you saw Sound won't come out of the speakers from the game.
What you expected to see I expect to hear sound. I had developed a habit to mouse over the login button and listen for the click noise the game makes to see if the sound is going to work or if I needed to restart the game. In other words I didn't need the game to fully load, if the mouse over event doesn't make a noise on the title screen, the sound won't be working in the game and vice a versa
Conditions in which error reproduce Every time I load the game the sound doesn't work
Problem details Up until a few weeks ago, for the previous few months, I have been experiencing a problem with the sound not working about 5-10% of time when the game loads. There were other times, seemingly sometimes when I would get disconnected for being idle, that the game sound would stop working after it had been working for hours. In all of these instances I wouldn't be able to get the sound to work by changing the settings in game, but usually after one restart of the game (not the computer) the sound would be working again. On a few occasions I would have to restart the game more than once, but recently nothing will get the sound to come on including multiple versions of the sound drivers, reinstalling the game, and now with the most recent update yesterday, different versions of the game. I should also say I haven't had a problem with any other applications, games, os, etc not producing sound, before or during the problems I'm having with Crossout. Everything else works great.

On a separate note i get dropped a lot from EU servers and just did in the game session that's in the attached log files. I was a few minutes into the match and got dropped just before the match ended with message saying you've disconnected for unknown reasons, and I'm back in the garage.
Frequency of reproduction always
Time of bug  



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I've tried that many times, but did just again to make sure.  I purposely choose the actual device in case that information was helpful in the screenshot, but usually have it set to default.

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On 10/11/2019 at 5:02 PM, inndie said:

Problem details

We didn't find sound errors in the logs.

Please do next:

  1. Run the game again
  2. if game run with sound and sound lost later, make scrrenshot at lost moment and attach game logs and screenshot
  3. if game run without sound attach game logs

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