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I was working on some personal projects and decided to try my hand at recreating some of the faction logos from CROSSOUT just for the sake of it. Some of them ultimately ended up being better than others, Scavengers and Stepenwolves being my favorites, but it's not something I was planning on going back to unless I get inspired.

I figured that some of you may have use for these high-res logos since I can't find any of the official ones anywhere. If you get some use out of them, then excellent. I'm glad.






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Updated Lunatics Logo
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On 10/14/2019 at 1:52 AM, ___Aro___ said:

If you get some use out of them, then excellent. I'm glad.

Dude! You're awesome. This is what I needed. I am reworking a leather jacket texture for my Fallout:New Vegas mod, and I wanted to put a Crossout faction logo on the back (the games are so very related), but I too, searched the internet looking for an example...nerp. None. This saves me heaps of trouble, and because the rest of the mod's process is so tedious sometimes, it probably wouldn't have actually gotten done if I had to recreate those logos myself. I'm not sure what I was going to do. It's hard to find even a bad example to go off of (screen-shot). At first I figured that if I had to re-create one I was going to do the "Ravens" logo, like the game's poster-boy is sporting...and I started to, but then I noticed that it was stupid to use white wings as a symbol for the raven, and it wouldn't be lore friendly to change it. The lore was the whole point of putting it in the mod in the first place. I couldn't do better than what you got up there. Those are sweet...and they will mask-off well because you trapped the edges good and strong for me too.

I can post what I come up with here. I'm not sure which one I'll use for the jacket yet, but they all might find their way into Goodsprings eventually. I plan on finishing the jacket today, though. I've already laid down a better brown-leather texture onto a "Kings" jacket and removed their logo (colors), and I "washed" the yellow hobo-stains out of the blue-jeans (the texture model is for an entire outfit), so I'm almost done now, thanks to you...Actually I already have a thread where I post my art-farts (Le Sauvage Coup de Jour). I will post it there.
Thanks again.

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