Casual/active player seeks for humble clan

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Hello fellow survivors.

I'm a humble grinder of this game such as you may be, currently seeking to achieve an extra 450 forints per week playing (and winning) those 5 clan battles.

With that said, I'm no master hover pilot or spider driver, though I can provide your respectful clan with an unhortodox but effective wedge. (4x Bigfoots, 2x Thunderbolts, Chameleon and Radar detector)

My inventory is merely worth around ~12'000 coins (+200 not counted due the market fluctuations), and my only legendary right now is the Apollo generator. I can twist and tweak my builds arranging a triple MG + Aurora set up, or a more agile vehicle with 2 crickets.

I'm a humble player of the EU west zone, respectful, english speaker and equipped with microphone (for Discord usually).

Due the in-real-life things that we all have to do before relaxing, I may not always be a constant element for your team, (especially in the daily grinding routine of raids or invasions) therefore, consider this an humble request for clans at their first experiences.

Greetings, Hinskaal.

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