Objective indicator pointing to wrong side of screen

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Error report
Describe problem and what you saw When a highlighted objective is not visible on screen, the indicator on side of screen often points away from objective, rather than toward.
What you expected to see Indicator should point in direction of objective that requires less camera rotation.
Conditions in which error reproduce Drive in any mode with highlighted objectives. Rotate your camera while comparing the angle to objective on minimap.
(If unable to reproduce, repeat with "Mini-map rotation" interface setting selected)
Problem details

Problem exists for all objectives with on-screen location indicators (towers, convoys, Witch Hunt balloons, Adventure missions, etc.)

At some angles, indicator direction is correct. While changing camera angle, you can observe an exact angle when the error starts.

When looking in direction of bugged angle indicator, it leads to objective indicator pointing UP off the screen (behind camera).

Frequency of reproduction frequent
Time of bug  

Error screenshot 1:  Indicator points Left. Map shows objective is closer to Right.



Error screenshot 2:  Indicator points Right. Map shows objective is closer to Left.



Error screenshot 3:  Indicator points Left. Map shows objective is closer to Right.



Error screenshots 4+5: In first screenshot, Indicator is correct. It points Left (toward objective).
After slight camera rotation, Indicator now points Right. Map still shows objective is closer to Left.





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