2.79 AK/B Prestige 72 Looking for Active Clan

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Hey All,

Looking for active English speaking clan (Only), some form of chat app required.  i.e. Discord or TeamSpeak.  Adults only please!   I'm East Coast, but work late so West Coast acceptable!

Engineers Prestige Level 77

Lunatics, Scavengers, Dawns Children Prestige Level 2

Nomads and Steppenwolf Prestige Level 1

14582 Battles, 40626 Destroyed, Average Kills / Battle 2.79

Most notable hardware;

All Cabs, All Wheels/Tracks/Hovers, 32 Legendary Weapons, and 106 Epic Weapons

Pull my Profile at SinsOfWrath

Not interested in Clan Wars, looking for casual PVP, Leviathans, and the occasional raid.  Build sharing, good conversation, and having fun!  Active a must, I play nightly and earlier on weekends.  Forced to take occasional breaks due to work, not to exceed two weeks at a time for now.  This usually happens every three to four months!  No new or inexperienced clans please!

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Hi Sins,

Karmic Justice has members just like you.  Feel free to hit me up in game and I'll find you a spot in one of the KJ clan groups, if you'd like.


Feel free to drop in for a chat - get to know us, see if we're the type of crew you'd like to hang with.



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Hey I'm also new to crossout looking for a clan to join. Everything lvl 1 my discord is #5105 atm playing ffxiv because dont have anyone to speak to if spanish would be better If not english is fine also. My crossout account isn't new just haven't played on it because i have no one to play with and I dont remember the items I have...

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