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[Stories] The lost factory


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Major Ironhand - that's what they called him now - sat at his desk and enjoyed a rarely calm afternoon. It wasn't just an ordinary desk. It was made many years before the Crossout out of some solid dark wood and was perfectly preserved. A real treasure to anyone who cherished more than scrap metal and gasoline. He opened the second drawer and looked upon one of his last bottles of whysky, a long lost beverage he used to ease the pain in the arm he lost. It seemed supplies of everything were running low these days.

He quickly shut the drawer again when Gunther burst into the door barely taking the time to knock.

'Sir, they found it,'  he said, breathing heavily from exhaustion. Before Ironhand had the time to ask what was it that he meant, Gunther continued,   'The radar factory, they were picking it clean for a long time.'

Finding an untouched radar factory with endless piles of radars and other electronics seemed like a gift from the heavens. But good things never last, Ironhand learned that a long time ago.

'How bad is it?' he asked.

'We managed to secure the factory and the surrounding area and this time left more men to guard it. But most of the supplies is already gone' Gunther looked up from the ground, slightly shaking his clenched fist   'Most of those savages don't even know what a radar is for, but they had to steal it all anyway. They started putting invaluable military-grade equipment around their scrappy vehicles as silly decorations and armour. By the time we arrived, most of the supplies already lay in burnt scrap piles by the side of the road.'

Ironhand sighed heavily, sinking deeper into his armchair. 'How much is left?' he asked his fellow Steppenwolf and a good friend.

'We'll manage for now, but the future looks dire.' Gunther seemed to regain some of his spirits 'We've done some calculations on the way back and it seems that if all goes well, we will still be able to equip each of our vehicles with a single radar. But we ought to be careful now, or we'll soon be going blind into battles with nothing but our eyes to tell us when an enemy, a storm, or something worse approaches. Thankfully, they haven't found the supplies of the Radios yet.'

The news wasn't very pleasant to hear but at least they still had something, perhaps they won't have to turn to the Nomads and their silly detectors that would sooner microwave your brain than find an enemy. At least not for now.

  'Well,' the Major started 'at least we now finally have a reason to equip all our vehicles with a proper Radio so we can share vital information on the road. Go get some rest after the journey and then we'll see about the radios.'

'Yes, sir!'   said Gunther, saluted Ironhand and then left his Major alone in his office.

Ironhand opened the drawer again, this time he needed that sip for sure.


Add this as an official story, pretty please? @Woodyrojo you know what I mean ;)))))


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