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Pass the bomb while you can before it explode. bomb has random timer and can explode anytime. its a last man standing game, youre eliminated if you fail to pass the bomb to other players.

everyone have same build, 4 bigfoots, any cab and a spark.

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This kind of mode always works well even in other games.
Also, this game needs more brawls providing players pre-made builds.
Or something new brawl where low PS vehicles and high PS vehicles can compete fairly with same competitiveness.

Also, dev? Please remove steam region lock on Korea.
I can't understand why you guys don't try to remove this region lock.
It feels like you guys can't distinguish North Korea and South Korea. North is the land of dictatorship and South is a wealthy democratic state which is 12th in GDP.
We are not Chinese too, the locust of internet games using hacks and illegal programs.

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