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Weekly contest ‘Rebuild in Crossout!’ - experimental stage (4 - 11 of December)

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Once Scar AB dreamt of a car that seemed to come from the future. And now he wants to craft this armoured vehicle to make sure the future comes true. In addition, on December 8 in the real world, the legendary Hard Truck: Apocalypse turns 14!

Survivors, try to create a blueprint similar to the one shown on the screenshot. The top 4 entries will be selected from all entrants, and their authors will receive a reward of 300 coins.

Скрытый текст


Conditions of the contest:

  • Build a vehicle as close to the original car as possible in the specified period;
  • Upload the screenshots of your craft to this topic, with the name of your craft and the platform you are playing on;
  • In case the participant submits the entry more than once (two posts and more) leads to his disqualification;
  • One of the screenshots should repeat the exact angle used in the original photograph(s);
  • Upload the vehicle to the exhibition under any name; the work must also stay available on Exhibition until the announcement of the results;
  • The entry must be built in the car or Leviathan slot;
  • The entry should not contain offensive and Nazi symbols, references to prohibited groups and societies, as well as elements of erotic content;
  • The entry must not contradict the Rules of the Game and the Russian Federation's legislation.
  • Players who publish someone else's work will be excluded from participation;
  • By participating in the contest you give your permission to use your works at our discretion;
  • The contest entries should be submitted on the forum during the week. The winner will be selected by the jury panel. All messages in this thread are pre-moderated.
  • The contest runs in test mode for all available platforms (PC, XBOX One, PS4).
  • New term: it's possible to build a single craft out of more that 1 vehicle or Leviathan or even out of their combination. If such a vehicle becomes a winner, the reward will be given to a person, who has submitted the entry, even if you'd built it with your friend(s).

The results will be announced on December 11. Entries are accepted until 10.12.19, 09:00 GMT.

The contest was organized in collaboration with our player makarov22rus :)

Attention! All messages in this thread are pre-moderated and are visible only to the administration.


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  • Developer


The winners of our weekly contest 'Rebuild in Crossout' are:


Winners' entries:

Скрытый текст





screenshot-191204-191424(-75 4 111).jpg

All the winners will receive their prize soon.

Thank you all for participation!

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