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New Crossout Beginner's Building Guide! - 2019-2020!

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I get asked many times about how to start building your first cars within the waste land. It is pretty challenging at first, but there are a few things you can do to help improve your car designs! Here are just a few tips I came up with while designing a simple car. Hope it helps! (Video also included if that is more your speed!)

Where to put modules

Modules tend to be put behind the cabin, as they are less critical, but should still be guarded. Radios, and other small modules, can be hidden with the fuel barrels as makeshift armor and space efficiency.


How to mount your frames

You don't need to have a dense network of frames under your car. Attached by one point is better than 5 points. This means you can space them out under your cabin, allowing you to use less frames, and even hiding some parts. You have different width and lengths, so try out a frame design and see what is durable enough for you while offering good hiding place. You could try an 'O' formation with frames, with your cabin making contact with multiple frames, giving you a large storage area!


How to guard your guns and where to mount them

All weapons need armor. Doesn't matter their durability, as many guns can pump out a lot of damage. So building to guard while keeping firing angles intact is a balancing act. Best way to guard is by hiding the base of weapons behind armor/cabin. Padding up the sides helps a lot, especially with limited angle guns. For example, adding armor to the back of Avenger cannons, which have a very limited firing angle, can bolster their survival chances! Frames are a good way to guard the base of rotating guns, as they fit snugly and don't tend to obscure the gun. Trying out big wheels in the back is another way to help increase firing angles, while still providing armor the guns. Try guarding your guns and then testing them. If the firing angles are workable and your guns survive longer, it's worth to use.


How to mount your fuel barrels

Best place to mount fuel is under the cabin of your ride! It's out of the way from most gun fire, allowing you to better focus on the fight. Behind the cabin is also another good choice, as the location is still out of the way and you can armor it more. However, it is in a more shot location, so you may see it 'pop' more often.


How to manage weight/tonnage

Cars have a certain amount of power. Light cars have little, while heavy cars tend to have a lot. Movement parts, such as wheels consume that power. In exchange, they provide tonnage, and a way to move. Tonnage, is essentially how much you can push. Go over your tonnage, your car will begin to slow down and will have a lower max speed. Balancing out your weight is important, especially if you plan on moving fast. Make sure your wheels can push you, but not so much as to consume all your power and make you slow.


Adding redundancy

Parts will be blown off during combat, it's a fact. So to help mitigate that and prevent large chunks of a car from disappearing, it's good to place weapons, modules, or others on multiple parts. For example, guns could be placed onto two or more buggy parts, allowing them to stay on even if one becomes destroyed! Having spare wheels is also good, as they can allow you to keep moving even if you lost a few. Balance out the load of the car with the wheels, and you should still be able to move!


How to manage power score

Power score is essentially your ranking for your car. If your car has a lot of stuff, it will be more powerful and ranked higher. This means you need to make sure your car is balanced for it's power. Heavy armor, but only have two machine guns? May either want to add some more, or try to lessen your armor. Too little firepower could make you just a bullet shield, while having too much may put you in too high of ranks for your armor. Try adding or lessening armor, reducing or increasing firepower, or consider lessening the quality of parts, to help reach an optimal power score!


Where to mount your cabin

Most of the time, you will be placing your cabin in the front, exposed, and maybe with a gun. However, consider if that's really needed. Cabins cab be placed in the back with weapons, such as Little Boys, out front to allow for better firing angles, as well as use them for armor. Cabins are the heart of your build after all! However, weapons you use may be weak, and need a great deal of armoring. In that case, placing the cabin up front with guns in the back can allow you to see longer periods of combat effectiveness.


Differences in PvP cars and PvE Cars

Main difference is that PvE cars do not need a fuel barrels, as they cannot earn any from PvE missions. Getting rid of them also gives you more Power Score and weight to work with, while reducing the chance of reenacting Nagasaki. You can also try building a tower away from your cabin. Towers are useful since bots only try to got for the cabin and it allows you to shoot over allies! This is usually not done in PvP since that is an easy target to disarm you.


Small tips:

Pressing 'O' while using a spray can will paint the whole car

Holding 'Ctrl' while left clicking a part will duplicate the part from your storage, assuming you have the part.


Video in question: 


Feel free to add your own tips, and I'll see if I can add them. If they are more advanced, I'll consider them for future videos. Thanks for your time! :^]

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