New PVP Map - Demolished Area/ Wrecking Ball

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Hello to everyone. I present to you the idea of a new map that will directly influence PvP battles and who knows in the future PVE.

I believe that not only would I like many players would like there to be greater interaction between the map and the battles, something more dynamic. The map would be called Demolished Area, where there would be a Crane with a big wrecking ball that swings from side to side, to hit a large wall. But where the secret is, this metal ball will pass close to the players, if the ball collides with a players can throw away the vehicle. Because it was a demolition area, there would be explosive mines on walls or even on the ground. Many fallen buildings, facilitating the rise of vehicles and used as strategic points of confrontation.

Crane - Demolition Ball


Two cranes would be interesting in different locations, so it's not difficult to cross the track on which the metal ball swings. The intention is that it's a big sphere, to push any type of vehicle. :5739e92736a0e_):

The battle would be more intense, interesting and creative, after players with Skinner will be able to hook themselves in the spherical balls as well. Imagine the range of creative maps that can be made to improve the future of Crossout, after all this game have great potential for this. Implementing destruction is a hard process, would end up stagnating the servers, perhaps making the maps more dynamic would be more peaceful.

Thank you! Please, like and share. Maps like this would change the current Crossout gameplay scenario. Imagine how amazing it would be. :smile:

@Ka1deron @Woodyrojo @Cpt_Nero @Beta_Angel

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Suggestion opened up to gather more feedback. :salute:

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