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Test drive: Losing parts does not move "Center of mass"

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Error report
Describe problem and what you saw In Test Drive, the center of mass [N] does not move when the vehicle loses parts and its true center of mass changes.
What you expected to see When vehicle loses parts in Test Drive, the center of mass should be recalculated.
Conditions in which error reproduce Drive a car with heavy parts that can be destroyed (or dropped with Rift 2M). Show center of mass by pressing [N]. Drop the heavy part in collision, or use Rift 2M: center of mass shown does not move.
Problem details

Hiding center of mass & showing center of mass again by pressing [N] still will not show the true, new center-of-mass.

Here is a vehicle blueprint: D3CACECA.design

Before losing mass: 629165201_screenshot-191217-223029(36911

After losing mass (center of mass shows far left of car):

Frequency of reproduction always
Time of bug  


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