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We are looking for players who are seeking to earn some uranium while also having fun! Our requirements are fairly simple, discord is a must have, however a mic is not needed if you prove to be functional in a team without comms on your end!. We are a US based clan, so ability to play at US time slots and have a stable ping and loss % at US servers is a must.


Other basic things that are a requirement are:

A cw ready build, does not have to be meta, we run spiders all the time, dog, helios, cannon, spider, track, auger, wheel, hover, anything goes! We aren't racist unlike others!... ლ(́⚈人⚈‵ლ) !

We are a bronze - silver clan, we do not plan to go any further as it makes it harder to earn uranium and have fun with off meta comps while doing so!


Over all we are a very friendly community and we welcome you to join us even though some peeps are rougher than others! 。(*^▽^*)ゞ

Here is our discord! Feel free to join even if you aren't looking to join our clans! We have many experienced people that are willing to help you improve!





Its our upper clan, and is currently in gold league! Very impressive! But don't expect it to be an easy fight!~


Crossout Screenshot 2019.12.22 -


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Hey invite AmongstEnemies he just left enot clan, and he left for this year just 2 clans just 2 clans in 11 days so he is good last year he left just 55 clans but belive me he is a pro player, if you have him in your team In pvp it will be, in this moment you now you fuckt up, because he is just going intro enemy bots with porcs and die the first, so get him in ww1 I now That perfect clan for him!! 

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On 1/28/2020 at 11:03 AM, SlightlyNoobish said:

WW1 is a feeder into WW2


isn't it the other way around? seems like 3/4 off WW1 are people that were in WW2 before

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