[PS4] [Update] Update 1.82

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Update 1.82

  • Reverted the recent changes in the mechanics of clan transition from league to league.

Developer comment: The recent changes in clan battles have increased the mode's popularity and gave an opportunity to obtain more uranium to the developing clans, but also have had a significant impact on the value of uranium ore and the uniqueness of the gold and diamond leagues. We are temporarily going back to the previous mechanics and start working on updating the clan battles and league system.

  • Fixed a number of issues that led to a drop in performance in the brawl “Present Heist”. 
  • The number of prize places in the leaderboard of “Present Heist” has been increased to 1000 and 5000 (instead of 100 and 1000). 
  • Now special armoured cars come to the players who have no one in the list of friends in test drive.
  • Fixed an issue where, after the timer passed in “Present Heist”, the completed wave would not count if the next wave did not have time to start.
  • Improved the model and appearance of the "Candy exhaust" decor (a reward for first 5000 places in the "Present heist" leaderboard).

Hotfix, 14.01.2020

Fixed a bug with inability to enter battles that occured to some players' accounts.

Hotfix, 17.01.2020

Updated text strings in the "Clash on engineers".


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