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It would be cool if there was a map that had alot of half pipes, ramps, jumps, cliffs, grinder rails, etc. like a skateboard park. Then drivers would be forced to bring a jack or else play it safe. Boosted builds could launch across the map, small cars could drive up half pipe walls & flip down behind you. The possiblilites are endless once you get builds air borne. 







screenshot-200111-090915(61 7 -83).jpg


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Suggestion opened up to gather more feedback. :salute:

Skateboard park would be to small..
But a map with big ramps and stuff would be nice.

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So the idea is to have things similar to a skakeboard park or a downhill snowboarding or ski course in the map, so vehicles can catch some air or do trick shots occassionly. Hovers could ramp over objects, tusk builds could lauch into across the map, motorcycles could bank turns, cars could do flips. Maybe a mudding area or water rapids could be added? Frozen ice, motorcross type jumps & bumps, round tunnels, etc. All would be fun & would add another dimension to driving skills. 

screenshot-200128-190158(104 4 -237) - Copy.jpg


screenshot-200124-164948(50 18 166).jpg

screenshot-200124-164802(92 2 135).jpg

screenshot-200124-093534(268 31 272).jpg

screenshot-200120-103829(-130 29 -357).jpg

screenshot-200124-093435(229 17 263).jpg

screenshot-200124-103246(-30 13 41).jpg

screenshot-200124-093640(268 31 261).jpg

screenshot-200116-085714(-115 13 -185).jpg

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