A Little Leviathan Guide For New Players :^]

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Hey yall, just wanted to post a little video and write up on building a leviathan and some tips for success!



Write Up:

Time Stamps:

Expectations: 1:10

Weapons: 3:00

Modules: 5:30

Other Modules: 6:30

Cabins: 8:10

Basic Build Tips: 9:10

Finished Levi. Talk: 12:00

Ending: 14:00

Levi Tips:

  • Don't be slow nor run out of ammo.
    • The map, while small, has room to move and shoot, so levi.'s need some speed and ammo to keep fighting.
  • Try to keep your levi. at a lower power score.
    • It allows for more matches and more efficient builds are more likely to win!
  • To start off, use wheels.
    • They offer a great balance of speed and durability, allowing one to move pretty effectively. Tracks and other high end parts may make one too slow to dodge rockets and attack.
  • Try to use turreted weapons.
    • They offer full firing angles for one's levi., and many of them have decent durability.
  • Use high durability weapons!
    • They offer great survivalbility and can last longer via explosive weapons. My rule of thumb is 200 durability or higher.
  • Best weapons for levi. building are cannons and drones.
    • Cannons offer great fire-power, and are beefy. Drones are a great counter to most levi. builds, as they tend to be rockets or cannons.
  • Try not to use close range weapons, as many people tend to stay far away, so they may see very limited use.
  • Limit generators and ammo packs!
    • While having enough ammo for fights is good, you don't want to over do it. These things can explode, which if they are in a critical area, will result in your levi.'s destruction! You can minimize the risk by separating them. 1-2 ammo packs/genesis should be alright for most builds.
  • Car jacks are a must for levi.'s.
  • Use an engine, like a Hot Red, as they can bump dps greatly!
  • Coolers are useful for levi.'s that use a great deal of overheating weapons.
  • Use a cabin that synergies with most of your guns!
    • While blue cabins work just fine for low ps builds, with higher ps weapons, a good cabin can help a lot. Harpy is good for explosion builds. The Call is great for drones builds. Photon/quantum is great for energy weapons. Torero is great for any build that aims. Humpback is great for any build. Ice Box is great for limited angle weapons. Cerberus is great for any reloading weapon.
  • Have space within the frame.
    • The extra space is great to hold other parts, such as radar, jacks, ammo packs, engines, and what not.
  • Segment the levi!
    • With armor inside the car, it makes it that much harder for a shot to take out a large amount of weapons and guts. You don't need to go crazy with this, but something to keep in mind!
  • Large tires are recommended (if using wheels)!
    • They raise you off the ground, allowing for less to hit the floor and have a great deal of durability.
  • Point drones in different directions!
    • You don't want all drones to come out of one side, as they may be run over by the levi., or may be easily destroyed by a volley of explosives.
  • Armor your weapons!
    • Weapons will be damaged quite easily, so don't make your weapons too fragile. Add some armor around the base, maybe some skirt armor.
  • Attach weapons to multiple armor pieces!
    • The more the merrier, as many armor parts will be weaker than the weapon itself, and you don't want the weapon to come off early.
  • Add weapons to all sides!
    • Your levi. will be attacked from multiple sides, so having some power in your back can help keep your car intact.
  • Layer your levi!
    • Adding layers of armor to your levi. will help it absorb impacts from explosions. Add skirt armor, or whatever you can. All helps out a great deal!

Hope all of this information helps! :^]

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Good guide but you didnt mention grenade launchers as top tier but their dps is immense and they threaten guns a lot because of their firing arc. My emily leviathan almost always wins.

I had guns lying under an offroad bumper instead of buggy floor to counter this but other builds may not be able to stand the weight on the top of a tower.

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