Casual, team oriented, friendly and on Discord.

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FriendlyFire (FRFI) is welcoming new people that are interested in the following:

1) Use Discord

2) Team play. We like to run as a pack. Its more fun and effective.

3) Give help and receive help. Be it builds, tactics, resource gathering or challenges we help one another with them all.

4) No toxic people or drama. We are relaxed and here to have fun as a group of game buddies.

5) We don't have the gear to be effective in Clan Wars. If 4 people come along that do and want to, great. Have at it!

6) Peak game time is -7UTC but its not mandatory.

Have a good time, be polite, work as a team, play what you want, when you want, how you want. Its YOUR game time. We dont feel anyone has the right to tell another how to play their game. If you like how this sounds then please hunt WindWraith down in game or PM me here and we can chat to see if the we can be a healthy match for one another.


Thank you for taking the time to read and have a great day :)


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I invited u as friend in crossout

i would like to be part of some casual clan coz im not so time free for now to play but i do play every day atleast to do missions and gather some materials.

Iam at the moment lvl 21 started some little time ago.

Not pro player just some fun player tho.

Iam from Slovenija and if there is any space in clan and active players i would like to join.



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hey, looking for a clan to hang out with on discord that doesn't mind someone who occasionally comes back to the game and doesn't mind being kicked for inactivity so long as I can rejoin when I eventually come back. ie lurking in the discord untill I return

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