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Im going to be brief, im not going to argue with anyone about this. Feel free to visit Marion cobretti on youtube if you have any disputes about  what im going to say about how raids work. Im writing this brief guide, to show what raids are best to do, what power score, and why.

First things first.

There are only 3 factors that determine how strong a a bot is for a player.

Raid difficulty

How many players are in the raid

And what your power score is. 

Im not going to argue about your stupid pc battle logs showing bot ps increase, the game clearly displays an average for the log., watch the videos or test it yourself it takes 5 minutes.

-Raids have Active, PERCENTILE based power scaling. That affects both damage dealt and recieved by bots. Every time you cross a 1000 power score, the bots are approximately 15-20% stronger than they just were

 Why this is important

Everybody knows that 4 arbiters do more damage than 4 vectors. Everybody

But arbiters do not do 3 times the damage or more justifying the raise in health for the bot as well as how much damage the bot does in return

Basically if you are running a huge build in raids, sure you are doing more damage than the little 4 vector guy in terms of numbers, but your relative damage to the bot, is in the dirt and the score at the ems will reflect it if you finish.

To sum the nonsense above up, 5999 is THE BEST power score to run a raid, for the average player, its very usable in medium and hard raids. And imo, rare level mgs or shotguns are the best weapons. 

Second . Which raids are the best and why.

Data Theft- on every map except wrath of khan as there is a bug where the bots get stuck (devs are fixing it)

War for fire

WHY :full reward will yeild 910 point min (might be 915) , in 5-8 minutes with a decent team

Any convoy type raid if you have a team capable of staying near the truck can be done pretty fast as well, but do not count on randoms,( i believe its gone in 2 minutes can be done easily under 5 minutes on the old control 17 map) but theyre all fast if you have a competant team


Which raids suck imo.

Permimeter breach.  It definitely takes the longest, out of any raid  and yeilds 700 points approx at the end of it.  Its a crap raid. I will not do it

Steel cradle^ same approximate point yeild if you do it quick, but  can yield more if you kill every bot, force out reinforcements and kill them too. Raid ends up taking longer than a good afformentioned raid if you wanna get paid.

Why am i writing this.

Just trying to spread awareness. I dont think people understand that raid scaling is a thing, or how its implemented. I believe there is a false narrative that people think when a 15k shows up as a team mate, the bots are dire tly harder than if a 5k shows up, when in reality they have the same hp. And do the same damage to you

The 15 k player is making the bot harder for itself to kill, takes more damage from the bot, and is likely making thw bot do more damage to defensive objectives.

End rant

Err guide



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I agree with everything above and wish more people would visit this forum thread. That said if your 5999 raid build was pushed into the 6k bracket, and you have sinus-0, feel free to replace the vectors, and adjust the build to 6999. The perk more than makes up for the bump to the scaling. I ran a bunch of raids earlier and it was smooth sailing.

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