[News] Battle pass in Crossout: F.A.Q

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Survivors, we have collected your most frequently asked questions about the Crossout’s battle pass and answered them.

  1. What is a Battle Pass in Crossout? In the next update, we have started a season — this is a mechanism for levelling a new fraction. 75 levels.
  2. Unlocking each level rewards you with something from the list: a blueprint of the new fraction, a new upgraded part, decor, paint, sticker, coins. The rewards are divided into 2 groups: ordinary and “Battle Pass” rewards. Purchasing the latter will open access to these rewards.
  3. How to level the season and get the parts? You will need to complete special challenges.
  4. So you can get all the parts of the new faction for free? Yes. You just need to complete special challenges.
  5. How many types of Battle Pass are there? Two. Standard and “Elite”. But remember that you can get all the structural parts and faction recipes absolutely free. Battle Passes give access to additional rewards: cosmetic items, coins and already crafted parts.
  6. What is the difference between a standard and an “Elite” Battle Pass? A regular BP will give +1 bonus level for levelling the season, ready-made upgraded parts of the new faction (in addition to the blueprints) and access to additional cosmetics: paint, stickers, decor. “Elite” will give +15 bonus levels for levelling the season.
  7. And will I get rewards for bonus levels if I buy a BP later? Yes, rewards for bonus levels will unlock automatically.
  8. Can rookies in Crossout participate in the season and complete the “Battle Pass”? Survivors of any level, starting from the first, will be able to take part in the season, complete challenges and unlock blueprints and parts of the new faction.
  9. Will items from the paid “Battle Pass” be traded? Cosmetics — yes. Only the upgraded parts of the new faction will be non-tradable: new chassis, weapons, cabins, as they will contain built-in upgrades.
  10. The premium subscription and the “Battle Pass” are not connected in any way. (subscription does not boost experience earned for Battle Pass challenges)
  11. What kind of special challenges? These will be missions against other survivors, as well as fights with raiders. Some challenges will be similar to achievements.
  12. After the end of the BP, will it be possible to get the parts of the new faction? Only in the in-game market, by buying from other survivors. Or through the blueprints left after the BP.
  13. We will talk about other ways to obtain structural parts of the new faction later.
  14. It turns out that the parts of the new faction will disappear with the end of the BP? No, the unlocked parts and receipts will remain with the survivors forever. Or there will be an opportunity to buy them in the market. 
  15. How many times will it be possible to buy a regular paid or elite “Battle Pass”? Each BP can be purchased once.
  16. Will the “Battle Pass” repeat in the future? If the survivors like this mechanic and it proves to be effective, we are ready for a repeat :)
  17. Will there be a paid pack of the new faction? It's not yet planned.


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