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Ive been playing Crossout since the beginning of 2019 and i love it. Good job Devs, especially the new update looks like theres a future for this game, even tho the playerbase sems a little bit to small. from 2011 till 2019 ive been playing wot and here comes my problem aka suggestion:

many people may know that for world of tanks there was a modification called "unreal torurnament kill announcer" available and tolerated by their devs.


i know the chances are very low, but is there any chance to get somethin like this to crossout?

here is an example of what im talking about :


My suggestion is just to add more phrases for the anouncer to the game, especially for the killing count.

i guess many peolple know abvout this wot mod and it sounds far better than the youtube example above, to me this announcer was super motivating.

enable mods by the players for sounds would be the far best imo, or maybe hire the bruce willis voice for somethin similar new.

i actually would create my own mod for my front end but i guess i would end up banned if im succesfull (from what im far away)



anyway this is my suggestion, bring up a better narrator to improve the feeling.

In crossout categories a m-m-m-m-monster kill is priceless for 6 kills,  they changed the range a little bit, 7 for"killing spree" sounded so awesome.


just happened to me 1 time in 10k matches










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Yes please. I wanne have my Duke sound mod back. :006j:


On a related topic:



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