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Not receiving product which I paid for

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Anyone on here paid for an item through the store ie car pack with in game coins and never received the product? This happened to me today $80 gone. 

The game takes way to long to progress and to build better weapons means you need to level up multiple factions to build one fricken part so try to buy on market which is way to bloody expensevie! Did this to help devs finish game etc but then get burnt like this!!! This is not how you ensure the survivability of your franchise or company

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I'm sorry to hear that happened, man. Gaigin will usually sort you out if reported properly, I've seen a few similar posts.

Not sure of the process though, perhaps someone else here can advise?

Report on Here, or through the website?


Also, can't help meself... "Not receiving produce for which I paid."

Never use a preposition to end a sentence with.


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Yeah, Support Ticket on the Website seems to be the prescribed way. Parhaps a Bug Report on here too? This is in a Discussion thread...

Make sure to check the Bug Reporting guide,

cos if you Report a Bug but don't use the right template,

or fail to tick a box, or cross a T,

(or use bad grammar)

 they just ignore it, or leave a sarcastic comment about Bug Reporting...

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6 hours ago, Pandemic_Regent said:

This is the Xbox section so...

I don't doubt it but it could be that he bought it on the store pc

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