Storage size and un-wanted/needed body parts.

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Ive played Crossover for that..under 2 months i guess, bought 3-4 packs, and my storage is pretty close to be full, but even as ive bought packs, theres still ton of parts that ive not bought but gotten as rewards, from faction progress, like 2 identical front grilles looking like 30's cars grille shells. 

How on earth i cant find a way to throw away, to remove body parts that i think i wont be using ?

And cost of storage expansion on pretty high for how minimal is the space it offers.

I can easily play 6 hrs  in 24hrs, or more, and ive enjoyed that i make atleast some progress, but when i reach new faction level...i get more parts that look often like i wont be using em,or i have them already.

Add this to the scrap limits....damn.

But hey,im off to play more..

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