[News] Crossout Calendar — March

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Hello there, survivors!

How'd you like the weather? In our regions, winter is gradually losing its power, and the Queen Spring on her gold armoured car is taking over more territories.

March winds heat the carburettors and hearts. But you know what warms our souls more than the arrival of the new season? The MCR US Ambulance armoured vehicle. Look at her, this is the first aid for those who have missed warm days and our calendars with cars! Its robust design and powerful engine will not only survive dashes for the wounded on the battlefield but will also help ram any obstacles in the way of medicine.

Radio “Voice of the Wasteland” reminds you to take care of yourself and do not eat raw mole meat! Because if you get poisoned, this car will come for you. Perhaps next month we will go to a distant galaxy in one of the spacecraft you invent. Wait, should I have said that on the air? Hey, we never told you anything.

You can download March's Crossout calendar from the project's official website in the “Wallpapers” section.


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Hi, how about fixing Fuze drones:


And porcupines:


 AND hovers:


And matchmaking:




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